At your hearing appointment, before you leave with your new hearing aids, your hearing care professional demonstrates and discusses how to establish a daily care routine to keep your hearing aids working properly. In fact, you may be asked to describe your daily care and cleaning routine at later follow up appointments. Establishing a routine to care for your hearing aids is important for prolonging the life of your hearing aid and ensuring proper function so you can hear your best. Even the best of routines can fall short, which is why it is important to establish a schedule with your hearing care professional for cleaning and maintenance.

Your hearing care professional has specialized tools to remove hard to reach wax and dirt buildup without damaging the microphone and receiver. Many of our patients report hearing benefits after receiving a professional clean. Thorough cleaning is also a key to reducing future repair needs and replacements.

Your hearing aids are sophisticated technology devices and your hearing care professional is specially trained to handle your hearing aids. They also have direct access to manufacturer resources and services. Your hearing care professional can inspect each aid for any signs of damage or need for repair, identifying possible issues before they become a problem.

Finally, your hearing care professional knows you. They understand the type of hearing loss you have, your lifestyle and how your hearing aids are designed to help you hear well. Just as you would check with your eye doctor if your vision becomes blurry with prescription glasses, so should you check with your hearing care professional when you notice a change in your hearing.

How often you see your hearing care professional depends on your specific needs and the type of hearing aid. Your hearing care professional will discuss with you, and together determine the best approach.