Hearing Test

An initial hearing screening indicates whether you have hearing loss. This pass/fail type of test is not designed to diagnose the type or cause of hearing loss. That is the role of a complete hearing test. If you have been referred for a hearing evaluation, you can trust Clifton Springs Hearing Centers to identify the degree of hearing loss and recommend solutions to improve your quality of hearing and life.

What tests are included?

The hearing test takes about a half hour and is completely painless. First, a visual examination will assess the health of the outer ear and eardrum. During this part of the exam, we also look for excessive wax buildup that can impair your hearing.

After the visual exam, you will be tested with pure tone audiometry. You’ll sit in a sound booth, and while wearing headphones, you’ll listen to different tones played a variety of volume levels. You’ll also undergo a speed recognition test where you’ll listen for spoken words and then repeat them aloud.

You’ll also undergo a bone conduction test to evaluate how well you process sounds.

Lastly, a pressure test will check for problems such as fluid in the middle ear, perforation of the eardrum or earwax blocking the ear canal.

After the exam

Once the hearing tests are complete, the audiologist will review and interpret the results for you.  If you have hearing loss that can be assisted with hearing technology, the most appropriate options will be presented to you. We take the time to match your lifestyle, hearing needs, budget and other considerations such as manual dexterity to the correct hearing technology.  This may feel like a flood of information washing over you. That’s why we recommend that you bring a family member or friend with you to help understand the results.

Industrial hearing testing

Many jobs put hearing at risk from exposure to excess noise. While noise-induced hearing loss is not reversible, it is entirely preventable if the right precautions are taken. In addition to using hearing protection, it is essential to undergo regular hearing tests to identify signs of hearing loss as soon as possible.

Requirements for hearing tests

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other governmental entities regulate workplace safety. These regulations include provisions and procedures for hearing conservation. In addition, several states and the Department of Defense have issued guidelines for employees and contractors.  Clifton Springs Hearing Centers performs industrial hearing tests and can help you with hearing protection as well.