President’s Letter


If you’re experiencing hearing loss, you may know that finding the right help can be frustrating. You also may know someone who’s had problems with hearing aids or the people who dispense them. The causes may include inaccurate or incomplete hearing test evaluations, low quality or poorly fitted hearing instruments, and a lack of counseling or education.

But we know there’s a better way.

The process of improving your hearing and communication skills isn’t quick or simple, but it is very important. That’s why we’ll take a very personal approach to help you hear better. Our hearing evaluations are scientific and comprehensive, and we employ the most modern equipment available. We work to discover your specific needs and match the right technology to your lifestyle. We’ll educate you in the use and operation of your new hearing instruments, and provide routine follow-up care on a regular basis to ensure your continued hearing improvement.

We provide services for patients of all ages, including newborn screening. The products we offer are the most advanced in the hearing aid industry. The manufacturers invest in research and development to encourage better hearing and a higher quality of life for you and our other patients.

Our instruments are digitally programmable, and many are completely automatic. Our computer fitting software allows us to fit hearing aids precisely and provide the highest quality sound.

Give us the opportunity to help you with your hearing challenges and we’ll dedicate ourselves to finding solutions for you. You’ll have a 45-day trial period on any instrument we fit. If you have fears, frustrations or hesitations, we hope you will put them aside and make an appointment with us soon. Together, we can reach your goal of better hearing.