Middle Ear Assessment

At Clifton Springs Hearing Centers, located in the Clifton Springs, Pittsford, and Canandaigua New York Areas, we offer a variety hearing loss treatments and evaluations, including middle ear testing. Our audiologists may sometimes take measurements that provide data about how the middle ear is functioning. These hearing evaluations include tympanometry, acoustic reflex and static acoustic measures. Preschool children (ages 3-5) are especially vulnerable to middle ear diseases, so testing is crucial for this age group.


Here are some examples of middle ear testing offered at Clifton Springs Audiology:

Tympanometry. This test helps the audiologist to discover whether or not fluid exists in the middle ear, whether the eardrum has been perforated, or whether wax is blocking the ear canal. This test works by pushing air pressure into the ear canal, causing the eardrum to move back and forth – in turn measuring the mobility of the eardrum. A graph is then created (called a tympanogram), which can reveal a variety of conditions such as a hole in the eardrum, a stiff eardrum, or an eardrum that moves too much. Tympanograms are often recorded when a child has a middle ear infection.

Acoustic reflex measures. This tests adds information about the location of the hearing problem. We all have an acoustic reflex to sounds and a tiny muscle in the middle ear contracts when we hear a loud sound. The audiologist gets information about the type of hearing loss by measuring the loudness level at which the acoustic reflex occurs or if there is an absence of one altogether.

Static acoustic impedance. This test measures the physical volume of air in the ear canal to diagnose perforated eardrums or checking the openness of the ventilation tubes.

After these tests are administered, your audiologist will review the results with you. A profile of your hearing abilities and needs will be created and whether or not further specialized testing is necessary will be determined. If further testing is required, the following may be recommended:

  • Educational referral
  • Hearing aid/sensory aid assessment
  • Medical referral
  • Hearing rehabilitation assessment
  • Assessment for assistive listening devices
  • Speech and language counseling and/or assessment

For hearing loss treatments at Clifton Springs Hearing Centers in the Clifton Springs, Pittsford, or Canandaigua New York areas, contact us today!