About Us

Our goal is to identify hearing loss and provide solutions for you or your loved one.

To achieve our goal we promise to treat you with respect and compassion, and intently listen to how hearing loss has affected the quality of your life. We are committed to removing the barriers between client and professional so that together we can overcome the obstacles of hearing loss. If a hearing loss has been identified, we will offer you the most advanced digital technology options with the newest features to help you hear and understand the sounds of life around you.

We will provide education and utilize our expertise to apply these advanced tools to reintroduce you to the world of sound and speech understanding. We are patient-centered and put you first as we consider how to use technology to achieve a successful hearing solution for you. We will guide you through the myths and misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids, and try to match the correct hearing aid technology to your unique needs, concerns and financial situation.

When you come to us, your hearing needs will be taken care of for life. Once we’ve discovered and fitted you for a hearing aid, we’ll monitor your hearing, make adjustments as needed, and help you maintain your equipment so that you continue to progress toward an enhanced quality of life through better hearing. Together we’ll break through your hearing limitations and help you feel more secure in your communication abilities and connection to the world.