Hearing Loss Education

Clifton Springs provides many educational opportunities for those in the Pittsford and Clifton Springs, New York areas. Staying connected with our community and keeping our citizens well-informed about hearing loss is our chief aim.

This past spring, Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic hosted a free Community Connection Program called “Hearing Loss”, where causes and treatments for hearing loss were discussed. Clifton Springs Hearing Center Audiologist Carolynne Pouliot, Au.D. facilitated. Dr. Pouliot is an experienced hearing care professional who specializes in fitting patients with the newest hearing instruments and extensive knowledge of inner ear balance disorders.


We also educate our community by participating in local health fairs, such as the G.W. Lisk-sponsored Health Fair. G.W. Lisk is a manufacturing company local to Clifton Springs that has established a Hearing Conservation program. Through this program, Clifton Springs Hearing Center has partnered with G.W. Lisk to provide baseline hearing screenings.

Finally, we have participated in local HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) meetings and continue to look for opportunities for further community involvement. To find out more about how Clifton Springs Hearing Center works to educate the Rochester community about hearing loss treatments and causes, contact us at one of our three convenient locations in Pittsford, Clifton Springs or Canandaigua.