While there are many facts about hearing loss there are also many ideas that are simply fiction. Because hearing health is important to our long term well-being and overall health, it is important to know faction from fiction. Today, let’s look at two common ideas that are fiction.

I will notice when I have hearing loss. Yes, it is true that you will eventually notice that you have hearing loss, but the keyword in this sentence is eventually. Hearing loss for most people is a gradual worsening of hearing abilities over a long period of time. You will probably not notice small changes at the beginning, but as your hearing declines the changes will build upon each other and will become noticeable. Because hearing loss is gradual, it is important, especially for adults over fifty, to schedule regular hearing screenings to establish a base line and catch declines in hearing health early.

When I have hearing loss, I will just simply seek help to treat the problem. Unfortunately, the facts are stacked up against you on this idea and for many the decision to seek help is anything but simple. On average is takes a person seven years to seek help for hearing loss. It has also been shown that the personal perceptions we have about hearing loss can work against our ability to reach out and seek help from a hearing care professional. For example, many people worry that hearing loss will make them look old to others or could be a sign of weakness.

These are just two common ideas that can impact when someone seeks treatment for hearing loss. Unfortunately, the longer people wait to treat hearing loss the harder it is for the brain to recover sounds that have been lost. Early treatment is always best. We invite you spend some time on our website today learning the true facts about hearing loss to be better informed.