Untreated Hearing Loss: What Are You Giving Up?

So your ears don’t work like they used to. Big deal, right? You just have to turn up the television a little bit to hear it. Maybe ask people to repeat themselves a few times. No need to get a hearing aid. You’re doing just fine. That could be true. You could be living with only minor inconveniences now. Maybe you only miss parts of conversations or your favorite sitcom. But before you know it, those little annoyances could turn into big problems.

Did you know untreated hearing loss increases your risk for dementia? Several studies have linked the two. Some researchers theorize it’s because of an increased feeling of isolation often associated with hearing loss. If you can’t hear your friends and family, you can’t speak with them. No shared stories with your grandchildren. No phone calls with your friends. That’s a lot more to give up than a TV show. But you can take action now. Treating your hearing loss can reduce your risk of developing dementia, and help you enjoy your life for years to come.

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