Untreated Hearing Loss- How it Affects Your Loved Ones

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is special.

As a grandparent, you provide unconditional love, a sense of family, history and tradition. When you take the opportunity to read to them, play with them and teach them new skills, you help contribute to their sense of well-being and security.

In return, your grandchildren allow you to drink from the fountain of youth. Studies show that grandparents who are active in the lives of their grandchildren tend to live longer.

But the key to this all-important relationship is communication. Untreated hearing loss can prevent you from creating strong bonds with your grandchildren. You may miss out on special moments, including first words, a story from an excited preschooler, or a meaningful conversation with a teenage grandchild.

Untreated hearing loss may also affect your ability to keep your grandchildren safe. You may not hear an injured child crying or a fire alarm.

Don’t allow hearing loss to limit your relationships with your loved ones. Request an appointment at any of our three locations today.