More than one third of people ages 65 to 74 have hearing loss and by age 75 and older almost half of all people have hearing loss. Hearing loss is very common as we age, so there can be occurrences when both spouses have hearing loss together. This can present interesting challenges, so here are some tips to think about:

  • Hearing aid care. Create a safe space for you both to insert and remove your hearing aids each morning and at night. The bathroom can be a busy place and with multiple showers it can also get steamy. Since moisture is a hazard to your hearing aids it is important to establish an alternative safe place where you can each insert and remove your hearing aids.
  • Communication alternatives. Ever crawl into bed and realize you have something still to tell your spouse that can’t wait until the morning? At night when hearing aids are removed for bedtime, good communication may not be possible. Keep a notepad and pen bedside so you can jaunt down those last minute thoughts for your spouse to read.
  • Speak in the same room. If hearing loss is more recent for you or your spouse, it can be easy to forget that conversing while moving from room to room or down the hallway isn’t going to work like it once did. Be sure you are in the same room as your conversation partner and try to speak face to face.
  • Set some ground rules. Every marriage has its ups and downs and arguments happen. Before you get in a heated moment, set some ground rules. It can be easy to “turn off” the argument when you wear hearing aid devices, so having some rules in place can help you keep communication open

Experiencing hearing loss as a couple can also be a source of support and strength as you both manage through the ups and downs of the condition, so be sure to also take time to celebrate your marriage and each other.