December is here and so too is the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Many of us find ourselves in our vehicles driving more this month visiting family, friends and, of course, completing all those errands that come with this busy time of year. Keep in mind these tips to stay safe on the road.

Tip #1: A common concern of drivers with hearing loss is not being able to hear emergency vehicle sirens. Make sure to check your mirrors often and stay focused on your surroundings. If you have adult passengers in the car ask one to be an extra set of ears for sirens.

Tip #2: Driving in holiday traffic from one store to the next and finding a parking spot is exhausting for any person. Add in hearing loss and many people find they tire even quicker. When tired, reaction times can be slower and it can be harder to stay focused on the road. Make sure you are well rested when you head out on your holiday shopping. Perhaps even break up your errands between multiple days so you can stay fresh.

Tip #3: If driving long distances is part of your holiday plans, create a rotation with your driving companions. Holiday traffic can be stressful. A rotation allows you each to take a break so that when it is your turn to operate the vehicle you are fresher and more focused.

Tip #4: Remove all distractions. This is true for any driver whether they have hearing loss or not. Mobile phones or other devices can easily take your focus away from the road.

Tip #5: Probably one of the most difficult parts of driving with hearing loss is also trying to stay tuned into the vehicle conversations around you. Talk to your audiologist about what hearing aid accessories may be helpful.

Happy and safe travels this holiday season from all of us at Clifton Springs Hearing Center!