There’s an app for that! Today’s modern hearing aids are complemented with powerful smart phone apps that help us navigate changing listening environments, personalize settings on the fly and even request support. As smart phones have become an everyday device for most, changing your settings has never been more discreet. Here are some examples of hearing aid apps from ReSound:

The ReSound Smart 3D app* and ReSound Smart app* offer one-tap access to quick adjustments on-the-go. From the palm of your hand, your smart phone app can help you switch between personalized settings. You can also create and save new settings via the app. Location-based settings can also be pre-programmed, so your hearing aids can adjust when you arrive increasing convenience for you. Another great feature is the find my hearing aid tool to track down a missing device.

The ReSound Relief app is a tool that provides relief from Tinnitus symptoms. Controlled through your smart phone or tablet, ReSound Relief offers a variety of white noise and nature sounds to help you cope with Tinnitus. The app even offers exercise and meditation guidance when you need it. The ReSound Relief app does not have to be used with hearing aids alone. It can also be used with a Bluetooth, wireless speaker headset.

Finally, ReSound Assist is a cool feature that now comes with the ReSound Smart 3D app. ReSound Assist provides more connectivity to your hearing care provider no matter where you are. You can contact your hearing care professional with questions via the app. Not only can you ask a question but your hearing care professional can see the settings you are using and make adjustments. Even better your hearing care professional can send changes via the app so you can update your settings on-the-go.

If you want to learn more about hearing aid apps and find out if your hearing aid devices can be connected, contact your hearing care professional for information.

*Not available for all ReSound hearing aid models.