We have all done it, placed our hand around our ear and “cupped” it to try to hear something better. If you have hearing loss, cupping your ears will not help long term. In fact, there are a lot of coping strategies that those with hearing loss use that don’t help. Let’s look at a few and then dive into what the best strategy is when you have hearing loss.

  • Laughing when others do. Didn’t hear the joke, but others around the table are laughing. Laugh along with them and no one will know, right? Not a good choice. First, maybe the conversation wasn’t something that aligns with your values. Second, if it is funny why would you want to miss out on this shared joy? Prolonged hearing loss robs you of everyday pleasures.
  • Keeping quiet. It is no good to nod and smile during a conversation that you cannot hear. Instead it is better to speak up and let those around you know that you are having difficulty and suggest actions they can take so you can hear better.
  • Avoidance. Probably the worst way to cope with hearing loss is to reduce your social engagement. Not only does this hurt your closest relationships with friends and family, it also hurts your emotional well-being. People need strong connections with others to be happy and hearing well keeps you active and engaged.

So what’s the best coping strategy with hearing loss? It is actually not to cope at all. Instead, schedule a hearing test and seek out a professional audiologist who can help you. Hearing loss does not have to be suffered through. While it is a part of life for many, proper hearing aids and hearing care can help you overcome this obstacle and regain your quality of life.