Sometimes we all need a reminder of the benefits of taking action. That is especially true for those with hearing loss. Did you know that people with hearing loss wait an average of seven years before seeking help? A lot of life takes place in those seven years that you could be missing, because you are not hearing your best. Here is a reminder of the benefits from better hearing:

  • Better hearing keeps you more engaged with your community and gives you the power to stay active
  • Family relationships and friendships deepen due to more productive conversations
  • Watching television becomes easier and the volume can be turned back down (others in the room can also enjoy now!)
  • Your brain continues to be challenged and exposed to new situations – less cognitive decline
  • Church sermons are more clearly heard
  • Phone conversations become more clear – many hearing aids connect directly for better sound quality
  • You feel safer when you can hear the sounds around you – traffic, the doorbell or an alarm
  • Feelings of isolation due to not hearing well are reduced
  • You gain a new trusted partner in your health journey – your hearing care professional or audiologist
  • Air travel becomes easier because you can more clearly hear airport announcements and converse with employees
  • You take more pleasure in life’s everyday moments – birds singing, rustling of leaves and grandchildren giggles
  • You are able to enjoy a music concert and the theater
  • Feelings of frustration and anger in relationships are reduced as hearing improves
  • Your confidence builds again as you begin to take more control of your life

Better hearing lets us successfully participate in conversations and allows us to be more aware and engaged in the world around us. Don’t let another day or year slip by, contact a hearing care professional and make an appointment to talk about improving your hearing.