Grandchildren are ones of life’s most precious gifts. They bring laughter and energy into our lives… and at times many questions, which can include what are those things in your ears. Here are some tips about how to talk and educate your grandkids about hearing loss.

Be honest.

We have all said it at one time in our lives, “honesty is the best policy”, because we know it is true. Be honest with your grandchildren about your hearing loss. They want to spend time with you and they want you to hear their stories, so educating them about how you hear best will help you both enjoy your time together.

This time is also a great opportunity to talk about protecting their hearing health. For example, if you have grandchildren who use ear buds to listen to music, use the moment to also discuss safe listening practices.

Give the right details.

You don’t need to deliver a full explanation of your hearing loss. For younger grandchildren just explaining that one or both ears don’t work as well as they used can suffice. Older children may require a bit more detail.

Show them.

What child isn’t curious? Depending on the age of your grandchild, show them your hearing aids and explain how they work.

Set boundaries.

Grandchildren love to get close and it is possible they may want to touch your hearing aids. Especially with younger grandchildren, you may need to communicate boundaries about what they can and cannot touch and why.

Enlist their help.

Difficult listening situations are unavoidable sometimes, so enlist the help of your grandchildren to make sure you are capturing all the sounds when out and about.

Practice, practice.

Practice communicating with your grandchildren so they know what to do so you can hear them best.

If you are having difficulty hearing and understanding your grandchildren, contact one of our hearing care professionals for a hearing exam.