Here are some hearing loss tips that might surprise you!

Get the App.

It may sound funny to think an application on your mobile phone can be critical to your hearing loss, but today the apps available on your phone can help in more ways than one. First, modern hearing aids usually have a compatible app created by the manufacturer. These apps allow you update and change your settings discreetly, stream sound and sometimes even communicate directly with your audiologist. An app can give you more control. But that’s note the only type of app that is helpful, for example if you are traveling by bus, train or air, the app related to transportation company you are using can help you stay in-the-know on schedule changes rather than have to worry about hearing it over a public address system. Talk to your audiologist about mobile phone apps that may be helpful.

Being stuck in the corner is good.

When it comes to eating out, choosing the corner seat is actually a good thing. Being up against a wall blocks one source of sound and keeps restaurant sounds in front of you. It is also easier to sort through sounds when you are more directly facing the source instead of processing sound from all directions. Finally, asking the host or seeking out a quiet corner in a busy restaurant or café can make a huge difference in your participation and enjoyment of the conversation around your table.

Silence is golden.

You may think this sounds funny because on a daily basis you are working hard to hear and process sound, but despite the use of hearing aids, conversing with someone in a quiet room is always going to be much easier than in a room full of noise. When possible silence other sounds such as the television or radio that could distract you from hearing the person you are speaking with. You’ll find that the added silence will help you get more out of the sounds you do want to hear.