Summer is in full swing and you may be planning one or more trips before it ends. When you have hearing loss, travel requires a bit more extra planning to ensure a successful vacation. Here are some tips:

Flying and at the airport

Leaving on a jet plane? Be sure to sign up for text or email alerts as an additional way to keep on top of flight status and gate changes. When you head through security, be sure to let the security agent know that you are wearing a hearing aid. Also, if you are nervous about missing the call to board, talk to the gate agent when you arrive. Alert them to the fact that you have hearing loss. They may offer you the chance to pre-board or guidance on when boarding takes place and where to sit in the gate area to be ready. Finally, never pack your extra hearing aid batteries and hearing aid supplies in your checked luggage. Luggage can easily be lost and you do not want to be without your necessary gear when you arrive at your destination.

Staying at a hotel

When you book your hotel, if you do so through the hotel’s reservations center, be sure to speak to someone who can record that you have hearing loss and talk through the types of accommodations you may require. Find a safe place to put your hearing aids, batteries and supplies in the hotel room. When in new surroundings it can be easy to misplace your hearing aids, so when you remove your aids always place them in the same designated spot to make things easier.

What to pack

The number one item to pack is extra hearing aid batteries! Vacations are short and you don’t want to be spending time hunting down a new set of batteries if something happens to the ones you are using. Be sure to take along the hearing aid supplies you need to keep your hearing aids clean and don’t break from your daily cleaning routine while on vacation. Also, if you are going to be around water or planning to swim, be sure to speak to your hearing care professional about the steps you should take to protect your hearing aids.

Finally, research the attractions and sites you plan to visit to see what accommodations they provide to help those with hearing loss.

Wishing you happy and safe travels this summer!