Today let’s focus on a common week-day activity – going to work. Having hearing loss can make work stressful at times. Here are some strategies from AARP to make your workday more audible.

  • Be assertive. Communicate your situation with your employer and coworkers. Discuss what you need to hear well at work and educate those around you about hearing loss
  • Tell your story. Don’t be afraid to share your story with coworkers. Chances are they want to help you and you might connect with someone facing similar struggles
  • Don’t pretend. Not following the conversation? Don’t hide your confusion. Simply stop the conversation, repeat what you heard and understood, and ask the person to start again from that point
  • Look for writing. Ask for a written agenda prior to the meeting and for meeting minutes afterward. Talk to your employer about what technology may be available for turning spoken words into readable text
  • Position yourself. Look for the ideal place for hearing in a meeting or conference room. Make sure you point your listening device at the person speaking. Let meeting attendees know that they will need to turn towards you when talking. Also sitting at a round table can help you see more clearly each speaker
  • Technology. Hearing aid technology is not one-size-fits-all. Your hearing care professional can help you choose the one that will fit your lifestyle and workplace needs best. There are also additional devices available to enhance hearing in meetings, large groups and during phone calls
  • Maintain your hearing aids. Daily cleaning and care and regular follow ups with your hearing care professional are important to ensuring your hearing aids are performing at their best

Your hearing care professional is there to help you hear well at home and at work. In your appointment, discuss the type of work you do and common listening scenarios, so you can work together towards a solution that makes your workplace more audible.