The best way to deal with hearing loss is to speak to a hearing care professional about hearing solutions for your specific needs. Here are some additional strategies for hearing better when hearing loss is a problem for you.

  • Face the person you are speaking too. The AARP reports that studies find that when you are looking at the person you are speaking with, you can understand the conservation better
  • Pause. Take a second to process what you are hearing before you ask, "what?" Thinking about the context of what is being said can be helpful to filling in missing pieces
  • Think about where you sit. Attending a meeting? Going to lunch with a colleague or friend? Enter the room thinking about where you would be able to hear the best and take that seat. Request a table in a quiet area of a restaurant and sit next to your friend rather than across the table
  • Don't wait too long. If you start to lose track of a conversation, ask for clarification sooner rather than later
  • Get some rest. Our brains process sound better when we are well rested and have energy. If you have a listening intensive activity planned, make sure you are not coming to it already feeling tired
  • Maintain your hearing aids. Be sure your hearing aids are well maintained by keeping to the hearing treatment plan prescribed by your hearing care professional

Above all, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of your hearing loss. Be up front with the people you meet. Be open with them about what you are experiencing and they too will be more mindful in their communication with you.