Spring Clean Your Hearing Aids

Spring is just around the corner. You can almost hear the birds chirping, the rain dripping, and the lawnmowers humming.

Oh, you can’t hear that?

It might not be your hearing. It might be your hearing aids. When’s the last time they were properly cleaned?

If it’s been more than three months, they’re probably due for a good cleaning. As spring rolls around, we often take on the dirtier nooks and crannies of our houses and cars. But you may not realize your hearing aids could use the same attention.

Unlike your house, though, this probably isn’t a job you can take on yourself. Your hearing aids are delicate instruments and should be cleaned by an expert audiologist to avoid damage and increase performance.

At Clifton Springs Hearing Center, we offer comprehensive hearing healthcare, including professional hearing aid cleanings.

Bring your hearing aids in for a professional cleaning and don’t miss any of those spring sounds.