Sounds of the Holidays

Everyone has sounds they treasure during the holidays: the jingle of sleigh bells, crackle of the fireplace or even the harmonies of carolers. But living with untreated hearing may be robbing you of the sounds you once loved.

I grew up in the country, and as a child living in the middle of nowhere, I found the silence to be boring. At least until winter rolled around and I was able to hear my favorite sound of the season – falling snow.

The conditions had to be perfect, but on a night with no wind, I would make my way out into the field, close my eyes, hold my breath and listen. The delicate twinkling sound of snowflakes landing was magical.

Knowing I was not the only one with a favorite seasonal sound, I decided to ask around the office to see what other people had to say. Below is a list of the most popular answers.

  • Sleigh bells
  • Excitement of Christmas morning
  • A crackling fire
  • Crunching of snow beneath your feet
  • Pop of a champagne cork
  • Shovels clearing snow
  • A dinner bell
  • The “ughhhhh” noise someone makes when they eat too much

We were meant to experience our world through five senses. When one is missing, life – including the holiday season – is not nearly as rich. Don’t spend any more time without your favorite sounds. Visit one of our Clifton Springs Hearing Center locations in Canandaigua, Pittsford or Rochester, New York.