There are many “hearing aids” on the market today to choose from, but true hearings aids stand out and make a real difference to your hearing health. Learn the signs of a true hearing aid.

They don’t just make sound louder… true hearing aids are not just about turning the volume up. In fact, a device that focuses just on volume can make hearing more difficult. For example, in a noisy environment a device that amplifies sound louder will make all sounds loud. How will that help you hear the conversation in front of you better? True hearing aids become part of your auditory system and help your brain interpret and make sense of sounds.

They can recognize background noise… true hearing aids recognize different sounds. Modern hearing aid technology works to process sounds as close to natural hearing as possible. This means that true hearing aids, help you sort out background noise from the conversation that you are focusing on just like a healthy auditory system would do.

They are custom to your hearing loss… true hearing aids are custom to your needs and lifestyle. There are many different types of hearing aids that work to solve different hearing loss problems. By working with a hearing care professional, your hearing aids are selected based on your unique situation. True hearing aids are also fitted to your ears to make sure they are comfortable. Today’s modern hearing aids also offer a variety of ways to customize settings that provide an even more custom and personal experience.

They are flexible… true hearing aids adjust to each hearing situation. For example, true hearing aids have settings to help you participate better in a phone conversation. Modern hearing aids also recognize a change in listening environment and adjust to settings that help you hear better. A common example is at a restaurant. With advances in Bluetooth technology, hearing aids have become even more flexible.

Interested in learning more about true hearing aid technology? Contact our hearing center and we’d love to show you the difference.