How to get from point A to point B is an everyday question. Today, there are many options to get to your destination. When you have hearing loss it may seem daunting to hop on a public bus or train or to hail a ridesharing car via an app, but with these tips you can feel more confident.

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead.

Spend time prior to hopping on that bus or train to plan your route. Familiarize yourself with route numbers, stops and schedule times. Print off a map and schedule to carry with you. Download any notification or route apps that the public transit system offers to your mobile phone. You may even want to jot down a few notes on alternative routes available incase something were to be delayed.

For ridesharing transportation, download the app and get your account set up. Spend time understanding how the app works and how to request rides. For your first trip, try a destination that is close, maybe take a friend or spouse for added comfort. Some ridesharing apps also have options for hearing impaired travelers, so be sure to research what those are to see if they could be helpful to you.

Finally, make sure to leave the house with a fully charged mobile phone and carry your charger. Having ready access to your phone and transportation apps is a big help for feeling confident while traveling.

Tip #2 – Stay Alert and Calm

Once on a public bus or train, try to sit in the front or in a seat where you can see the progress of the route from stop to stop. Sometimes a mobile app can help with this. If you are able to, be sure to tell the driver about your hearing loss. Remember millions of people have hearing loss so you won’t be the first to inquire about it with the driver!

Talk to your audiologist. He or she can also provide more tips and point out hearing aid settings that may be helpful when using public transportation.