Product Spotlight – ReSound LiNX

One of the biggest complaints we hear from patients with hearing loss is that hearing aids do not provide natural sound. The good news is that next generation devices such as ReSound LiNX2 have come a long way in providing a more natural listening experience. These hearing aids are focused on the comfort of the wearer to make hearing effortless, the way nature intended.

How does ReSound LiNX2 differ from its predecessor, ReSound LiNX? Building on the promise of “Surround Sound”, ReSound LiNX2 features New Binaural Directionality™ II with Spatial Sense™, a technology that supports your brain’s natural ability to process sounds. Spatial Sense provides you with a natural sense of where sounds are coming from. In a noisy environment, Binaural Directionality II ensures that you can hear well and conduct normal conversations without being bothered by background noise.

ReSound LiNX2 also provides tinnitus relief for those suffering from ringing in the ears by diverting your attention away from tinnitus with a selection of pre-installed tinnitus therapy sounds.

As with the original ReSound LiNX hearing aid, the LiNX2 is Made-for-iPhone, which means that it is compatible with all Apple devices, including the Apple Watch. Control your hearing aid right from your wrist using the ReSound Smart app.

What is significant about the Made-for-iPhone functionality is that it allows users to stream ALL sound through the ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid, which in turn corrects the sound precisely for your hearing loss. Whether you are talking on the phone, listening to music or simply using a GPS app, you will hear all these sounds clearly.

Effortless. Comfortable. Natural. These are all words that ReSound uses to describe the latest in hearing technology. Talk to your Clifton Hearing audiologist to learn more.