Noise has Negative Effect on Teachers’ Health and Well-Being

Schools, by their very design often have very bad indoor climates with lots of noise and poor sound ventilation. These environments can be harmful to both students and teachers. Here are a few ways noisy climates can affect teachers:

  • Increased fatigue
  • Decreased motivation and energy
  • Lower job satisfaction

Students who are exposed to excessive noise can experience other problems. Studies show that one in five students will experience difficulty with noise in their classroom or school. This has a great impact on their concentration which can affect academic achievement. Here are some simple ways school administrators and teachers can help reduce noise in the classroom by improving acoustics:

  • Installing curtains or blinds
  • Adding felt padding to the bottom of chair, desk, and table legs
  • Placing area rugs throughout the room
  • Installing sound-absorbent carpeting

Implementing these tactics can be relatively simple and affordable. The presence of sound-absorbing materials in a classroom could make all the difference in the lives of teachers and students.