New Product Spotlight – Oticon OPN™

At Clifton Springs Hearing Center, we are proud to be able to offer our patients the latest advancements in hearing technology. The new Oticon OPN™ hearing aid device offers just that. Unlike other modern hearing aids on the market that create an artificial listening experience, Oticon OPN is engineered to better support how the brain processes sound, providing a much more natural type of sound.

Open, Dynamic Sound

Many hearing aids close down sounds to create an artificial listening environment. This deprives the brain of background noise and contextual relevance. Oticon Opn, however, allows the brain to follow and process multiple sound sources in noisy environments. This provides a much more dynamic listening experience and enables the listener to engage more confidently in the World around them.

Less Listening Effort

Oticon estimates that OPN reduces the load on the brain in noisy environments by as much as 20%.

More Capacity to Remember

With less load on the brain, OPN helps to free up mental resources by almost 20%, enabling the user to recall more in noisy environments.

Better Speech Understanding

Oticon OPN can improve speech understanding in background noise by as much as 30%. Even in the noisiest environments, OPN improves speech understanding without suppressing surrounding sounds through narrow directionality.

Cutting Edge Technology

The superior performance of Oticon OPN is driven by cutting edge technologies, including rapid signal processing, which reduces cognitive stress and frees up the brain to perform other critical tasks. Listeners experience less mental fatigue and are able to engage better with their surroundings.

What OPN Users Are Saying

  • "It’s so much clearer…. That fog that I had with my other hearing aids? It’s gone."
  • "It’s much more relaxing and easier to communicate in a large group setting."

Speak to your Clifton Springs audiologist about the Oticon OPN hearing aid.