Hearing aids are more sophisticated than ever before. New hearing aid technology offers our patients more options to hear their best and stay engaged in their communities. Many of the newest hearing aids come with smart technology which allows you to program settings that adjust automatically to your specific listening environment, such as home, church or even restaurants and concerts. Today’s hearing aids can also work with your mobile phone via an app to allow for greater and more discreet control.

Our audiologist, Dr. John Salisbury, has found that an important side benefit of this kind of smart hearing aid technology is that it encourages people who have avoided hearing aids to try them. “People are now realizing that hearing aids aren’t old-fashioned anymore,” Dr. Salisbury says, “so many have a smartphone in their hands already — why not use that technology to improve their hearing in a way that will also improve their quality of life?”

Did you know that 80% of adults aged 55-74 years who would benefit from hearing aids do not use them? Many of the patients we see every day are part of this group. In fact, one patient, a retired school principal, who avoided hearings aids for years was brought to tears when he experienced a music concert with his new hearing aids in place, “For 10 years, I had forgotten that music has layers and there’s motion in the notes. All those years, I had been missing this. Hearing aids changed that for me.”

Improved hearing is not just about your ears. When you hear your best you can stay active and engaged with friends, family and your community. New hearing aid technology breaks down even more barriers and allows you to better embrace old and new experiences to again live life to the fullest. To read more about smart hearing aid technology and how it is impacting our patients.