Music and Your Ears

Listening to music at high volumes for extended lengths of time can cause noise-induced hearing loss. It’s important to practice safe listening techniques at home, in the car, at concerts, or while listening to your MP3 player or smartphone accessories. Here are a few tips to keep your ears safe.

  • Never listen to your MP3 player at its maximum volume level.
  • Use your MP3 player’s 'smart volume’ feature if it has one.
  • Don’t try to drown out background noise with your music. That increases your risk of hearing loss.
  • Take periodic breaks of 15-20 minutes when listening to loud music. It will allows your ears to recover.
  • Opt for noise-cancelling headphones. They block out background noise, which allows for a quieter listening volume.
  • Use caution while listening to music in the car or any other confined space. It increases the risk of hearing damage.
  • Wear hearing protection devices at concerts.

Hearing loss from headphones is gradual, cumulative, and doesn’t come with obvious warning signs. Hearing tests and medical examinations are the only ways to determine hearing loss. To schedule an appointment with our Audiologists at Clifton Springs Hearing Center, contact us today.