Mind Games for Your Ears

Numerous games exist for the purpose of challenging your physical fitness and improving the strength of your mind; what we don’t hear a lot about are games that challenge us to keep our hearing sharp.

Research has shown that hearing loss is related to key areas of the human composition, such as our mental and physical health. Stress reduction and calming techniques, a walking regimen, and cycling, yoga as well as simple everyday physical routines can contribute to strong blood and oxygen circulation that keeps your ears and brain fit.

One simple application that can be done at home, forces you to intentionally focus on sound by setting up various noises such as TV’s, radios, or even a dripping water faucet in different rooms and then comfortably distancing yourself in order to zero in on the various noises to identify and clarify.

Remaining diligent in protecting and increasing the strength of your hearing muscles has been made easier, more stimulating and fun with technology due to the many apps that are available.

Scientifically developed by a neurologist, HAPPYneuron is one such app with games designed to help you remember more concentrate better, react quicker, think sharper, and increase confidence. To perk up those ears, take advantage of the seven-day trial and play the games specifically focused on sounds.

Another widely used app, Lumosity, is free and accessible on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here you will find daily workouts for your brain that are specifically adapted to your cognitive level.

Whether your preference is simple at home techniques or the latest app to help boost your hearing activity, it is important to become and remain proactive in preserving one of our most precious functions…the beautiful gift of sound.