Have you ever been in a middle of a conversation and had to reach into a nearby drawer to pull your hearing aids out? With hearing loss, hearing aids are key to being able to regain your hearing and capture sound to communicate. But, hearing aids just like eye glasses need to be worn in order to do their job. Here are two common reasons why patients do not wear hearing aids:

  • My hearing aids are uncomfortable
  • My hearing aids make sounds too lou

These common reasons can be solved by seeking help from a hearing care professional or audiologist. Today’s modern hearing aids are not one-size-fits all, but many of the over-the-counter hearing device options that patients tend to seek out first are that way. The wrong hearing aid device and fit can lead to frustration and ultimately to the devices thrown into a drawer rarely used.

Seeking help from a hearing care professional can overcome the obstacles of comfort and volume. First, today’s hearing aids are customized for your ears. That means they are fit to match your ear and your hearing care professional works with you in follow up appointments to make adjustments for comfort. Next, your hearing care professional or audiologist evaluates your whole hearing health and lifestyle needs to select the right hearing aid for you. Your hearing care professional doesn’t want to just amplify sound – he or she wants you to hear your best so you can live your best. Finally, your hearing care professional helps you learn to use your hearing aid device. He or she will walk you through how to transition to wearing hearing aids and offer ideas to exercise your ears and brain to regain lost sounds and adjust to new listening situations.

Hearing health doesn’t improve without help, so reach out to one of our hearing care professional to discover what hearing aids are right for you.