Hearing aids are tiny devices packed full of advanced technology. Proper care means that your devices will function better and longer. Here are some hearing aid care reminders:

Pets. Our hearing aids are devices we wear every day, so of course, we leave our scent behind. Your pet, especially dogs, has a great sense of smell and is naturally interested and curious about items that smell like his owners. All too often hearing aids left out can become Fido’s new chew toy. To avoid, it is best to always store your hearing aids in the case and keep the case in a place pets cannot access.

Hard surfaces. A drop on the wood floor or bathroom ceramic tile can certainly lead to issues for your hearing aids. It is best to make sure you are in a space with a soft surface when you are removing or putting in your hearing aids. A good hearing aid care reminder is to use a soft towel on a counter top, and again, always store your hearing aids in their case when the devices are not in your ears for added protection

Clean hands. It may sound simple, but it is very common to forget to wash hands before handling hearing aids, after all it’s our ears not mouth or eyes. It is always a good idea to wash your hands to remove any excess oils and dirt before you put in or take out your hearing aids.

Stay away from the sink. Have you ever leaned over the bathroom sink to get closer to the mirror to put in your hearing aid? This is a big risk, because you can easily drop your hearing aid into the sink and we all know how important it is to keep our hearing aids away from direct water.

These are just a few hearing care reminders that are easy to forget in the rush of daily life. Your hearing care provider is not only a resource for how to use your hearing aids, but can also teach you how to set up a daily care routine.