After 20, 30 or maybe even 40 years of marriage, you may have seen it all, but are you still hearing it all? Communication is an important part of any relationship and helps couples strengthen their connection to each other. When one spouse has hearing loss, communication can decline and frustrations can build.

Those with hearing loss can often feel like they are the only ones experiencing the effects of the problem, but that is not true. Spouses may also develop their own frustrations for a number of reasons. Do they have to repeat themselves often? Are they tired of unsuccessful attempts at conversation at a busy restaurant or in front of the television? Do they feel like you won’t take their advice when it comes to recognizing your hearing loss and seeking help?

Hearing loss is a natural part of aging. In fact, one in three adults between the ages of 65 and 75 has age-related hearing loss. Don’t let it fuel frustrations or hurt the communication between you and your loved one. Hearing aid technology has evolved over the years and today’s solutions provide excellent listening experiences. A hearing care professional can help you identify your need and the hearing solution that will work best.

Finally, don’t forget to lean on each other. Include your spouse on this journey. Bring your spouse with you to appointments. Discuss and make a list together of the most difficult hearing situations to share with the audiologist. Above all, discuss what you are each experiencing now and the hopes for how improved hearing will help you both enjoy life together.