Today’s modern, digital hearing aids offer better sound and a more comfortable fit than hearing aids of the past. With smart hearing aids, most manufacturers also offer mobile apps to help you gain even more control of your listening experience. Here are some examples of how today’s mobile apps help to improve your hearing:

More Discreet Control

Ever enter a new listening environment and need to adjust your hearing aid settings or volume or focus on speech only? Mobile apps provide you the option to adjust settings on the fly – all from your phone. You can even save the settings you most often need for even faster adjustments. Some hearing aid mobile apps can also automatically switch to a specific setting with location-based features.

Remote Fine-Tuning A breakthrough feature of the ReSound Smart 3D app with ReSound Assist for ReSound LiNX 3D and ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aids, remote-fine tuning means your hearing care professional or audiologist can come to you! Remote-fine tuning allows you to contact your hearing care professional via the app, discuss the issue and receive updates to your settings that can be downloaded directly to your hearing aids – all without setting foot in the hearing clinic.

Tinnitus Management

Mobile apps have also helped bring relief to those who suffer from Tinnitus. Not only can the app play sounds that can help you focus, but some apps like ReSound Relief even provide exercises, meditation ideas and Tinnitus management guidance.

Other great features of hearing aid mobile apps include “find my hearing aid” that allows you to track down a missing hearing device. The apps are also designed to be user-friendly and can feature tips and information to help you manage and care for your digital hearing aids. Talk to your hearing care professional to learn more about mobile app options for your hearing aids.