How To Wear Earbuds Safely

Today, a staggering amount of teenagers have some form of hearing loss. It is reported that one in five teens suffers from hearing loss – which is about 30% more than they did in 1980’s and 1990’s. Many experts believe that this is due in part to increased use of headphones. Though teenagers are often a group targeted for always being “plugged in”, the lessons that can be learned about smart headphone use are important for everyone to know.

  • Most MP3 players out on the market today can produce sounds up to 120 decibels, which is similar to the noise level at a rock concert. Exposure to this noise can damage your hearing in as little as an hour and fifteen minutes.
  • If you’re wearing headphones and can’t hear anything going on around you, the noise level is too high.
  • Do not listen to your MP3 player at any higher than 60% of the maximum volume.
  • The louder the volume you select, the shorter your listening time should be. If you must listen to the MP3 player at maximum volume, it is only safe to listen for about five minutes a day.

Most people don’t notice hearing loss from headphones right away because it is gradual, cumulative and doesn’t often come with obvious warning signs. Hearing tests and medical examinations are the only way to truly determine if someone suffers from hearing loss. To schedule an appointment with the Audiologists at Clifton Springs Hearing Center, contact us today.