If you have identified that you are having issues with your hearing, you'll make an appointment with your audiologist. They will be able to assess your hearing and tell you whether there is an issue, and then they will prescribe you with the right hearing aids that will help your specific problem. It may surprise you to know that you could get some help from your audiologist about issues that you are having with tinnitus. Tinnitus is the perception of sound that has no external source, and it's one of the most annoying things that you could be dealing with when it comes to your hearing.

It might surprise you to know that hearing aids could make a significant difference to your tinnitus, and while they are not a cure, they can alleviate the tinnitus symptoms that you are experiencing and make life a lot more comfortable for you. Booking an appointment with an audiologist can make a big difference to your tinnitus, and it's essential to get that help sooner than later.

Tinnitus and hearing loss

Those with normal hearing often experience tinnitus and the sounds that are associated with it, but not everyone knows that loss of hearing is also an underlying factor. It's so gradual that hearing loss isn't generally noticed until late, and by this point, you should have seen an audiologist to help you to assess what's going on. People may assume that tinnitus is the reason for the loss of hearing, but it's just a symptom of damage or issues in the ear. It's not a cause. Those who suffer from tinnitus often have deprivation of sound somewhere, and it's preferable for you to have an appointment with an audiologist so that you can get the right hearing aids fitted early and reduce the tinnitus you are experiencing.

Tinnitus and hearing aids

There are a lot of studies that point toward hearing aids being an excellent support method for those with tinnitus. They work to amplify external sound, which then drowns out the noise of the tinnitus that is being listened to. This can improve the general quality of life and, in some cases, minimize it completely. Hearing aids will never cure tinnitus, but they are an excellent help in distraction and distortion. The most popular hearing aids are the bilateral kind, where they are worn on both ears by the sufferer. This can give a maximum reduction in tinnitus sounds and are more beneficial. Digital hearing aids are more accurate when it comes to personalizing the programming for hearing aids, and your audiologist can talk you through your hearing aid options. There have been many studies done to indicate that hearing aids are going to help in a big way when it comes to tinnitus reduction.

Hearing aid appointments

To be able to get hearing aids to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus that you are experiencing, you need to book an appointment with an audiologist sooner rather than later. You will be taken through your medical history and any medications you are on, and then you'll go through hearing tests. Don't worry; hearing tests are not painful! You won't be able to demonstrate the noise that you are listening to, but you will be able to describe it enough for your audiologist to understand you. You will then have the results straight away, and a follow-up appointment to fit your hearing aids and make sure that they are the correct ones for you. Hearing aids should be comfortable, and your audiologist will ensure this before you leave.

You can buy hearing aids over the counter at private dispensaries, but these won't fit your ears in the same way they would if you speak to an audiologist. It's always better to get tailored care that will be exact to your needs, and you won't be cutting any corners in your own care. You need to look after your hearing health, and if you want to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus, you need to do it properly to ensure you get the right tests

Tinnitus may present as buzzing, ringing, pulsing or screeching in your ears, and you want your lease of life back from that. Hearing aids won't cure the problem, but they will provide very welcome relief and enable you to keep living. If you need any further information about tinnitus relief, an appointment with an audiologist or simply to discuss your hearing needs, please don't hesitate to contact the Clifton Springs Hearing Center at 315-496-4314 today. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you.