If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss, then you might initially think that it is hard to communicate with them. Experiencing hearing loss is something that can be different for everyone, but if people around you don’t feel like they know how to communicate with you, then it can make it more of a challenge. If you or someone around you is experiencing hearing loss, then getting up to speed on how you can help them and communicate with them is something that is really important. By looking into things like lipreading and body language, you can make sure that you can communicate effectively with those around you, whether you are the one experiencing the hearing loss or not.

What Is Body Language?

One form of communication is body language, and this is something that is easy to understand, because no matter who you are or what your level of hearing is, you can understand it. It really is a universal way to communicate, and it doesn’t need any verbal communication to work well. As well as helping those experiencing hearing loss, it can be used when there is a language barrier too.

A lot of body language consists of movements and gestures, as well as from facial expressions and certain levels of intonation. One simple example of this is smiling. You can tell when someone has a genuine smile, as it fills their whole face, smiling with their eyes as well as their mouth. If there is more of a fake smile, then it can be an indication of something being more fake or less genuine about feeling happy; this is something that becomes obvious when you observe and as a result, can help you to communicate and understand feelings, as well as anything verbal that is communicated.

Why Is Body Language Worth Learning?

Understanding body language is a great way to help you to communicate with those around you. When you understand body language, it can change how you understand what someone is trying to say to you. If you don’t understand certain gestures of what they mean or represent, then you can end up offending people or being misunderstood for the point that you were trying to get across. By learning body language, you’ll be more effective at communicating, as well as being a listener and help you to understand others better too.

Hearing Loss and Body Language

If you are someone that is experiencing hearing loss, then being able to clearly communicate without having to hear verbal cues, then it can make your life much simpler. For example, if you are talking to someone and their feet are not facing towards you, then it can be an indicator that someone is anxious to leave. For someone experiencing hearing loss who might not understand body language, a situation like this could be unclear what their intentions are, so sometimes, you may need to ask them a question if you are unsure.

By working with your audiologist you should be able to get the help that you need with your hearing, as well as discuss barriers around body language. When you can converse and show that you have an interest in trying to communicate, even if you are finding it difficult, it will make a difference if you are experiencing hearing loss.

Tips For Body Language Communication

When you are trying to get your point across to someone who may be experiencing hearing loss, or when you are experiencing hearing loss, here are some tips to help:

  • Make sure that you can see each other’s faces. Look at them and make eye contact with them.
  • You should speak clearly but not speak too slowly. This can be embarrassing for everyone, as experiencing hearing loss does not mean that they suddenly don’t understand.
  • Think about the facial expressions that you are using so that the message you are trying to portray is clear and not confusing.
  • Check that what you are saying is being understood.

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If you know that someone is experiencing hearing loss, or you are yourself, then it is important to never be afraid to ask them clearly what they need from you, so that it can make communication simpler. If you feel that you are experiencing any issues with your hearing, then get in contact with our team of audiologists today. Find out more about us at Clifton Springs Hearing Center by calling us today at 315-496-4314. We look forward to communicating with you.