A bad weather event and fire alarm can create an adrenaline rush in just about everyone as the rush is on to take action and stay safe. Poor hearing health can make it hard to react quickly and stay informed of news and information. Today let’s take a look at tips for being more prepared for emergency situations when you have hearing loss.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is an important first step in being prepared. If you have hearing loss here are some additional items to add to your kit:

  • Extra hearing aids batteries or hearing aid charger
  • A waterproof container or bag to store hearing aids when not in use, batteries and accessories
  • Paper and pen or pencil as another form of communication in case your hearing aids become damaged or loss power
  • A flashlight and extra batteries is important to everyone but can be critical to someone with hearing loss if they need to read lips to communicate

Make an Emergency Contact List

An emergency contact list is a great resource in times of bad weather or other emergency events. Write down the phone numbers that you may need to reach out to right away, including your medical doctor and audiologist.

Know Your Options

Many communities and emergency responders offer services and products that can help those with hearing loss communicate better and be alerted of an emergency. Start by contacting your local city office and check in with your audiologist who can also point you in the right direction.

There are also fire and carbon monoxide alarms designed specifically for those with hearing loss. You can contact your local fire department or audiologist for recommendations.

Contact your hearing care professional for tips on how to be prepared and products and that can also help you stay safe in an emergency.