“I can do that!” How good does this statement make you feel when you are confronted with a new task or experience? Did you realize that when someone has untreated hearing loss everyday situations become more difficult, and instead the statement that most often comes to mind is, “I can’t do that.” As listening and communicating becomes harder, people with untreated hearing loss are less active and withdraw from family, friends and their community.

This does not have to be the case! Hearing aids can help you get back your life and your “can do” spirit. Research by the Better Hearing Institute has found that people who wear hearing aids to improve their hearing:

  • Are more active, socialize with others and even exercise more often
  • Have deeper connections with family and friends due to the ability to better communicate
  • Feel more optimistic and engaged in life

Who wouldn’t want to be more active, engaged and optimistic? Unfortunately, many with hearing loss do not seek out treatment for many years, because they worry about the stigmas around hearing aids. Instead, they watch as their own “can do” spirit turns into “I can’t.”

Many people believe that hearing aids are big and clunky and wearing them will make them look old. These beliefs stop many from seeking out help for their hearing loss. But these ideas are simply not true. Today’s hearing aids are advanced pieces of technology. No longer are they big and clunky but discreet and comfortable. Hearing aids come in many different styles and sizes and some are even invisible. Today’s hearing aids also offer superior sound and give you more control. Most hearing aids can even be controlled with an app on your smart phone and automatically adjust to different listening environments such as a noisy restaurant or church service.

Today’s hearing aids are designed to fit your needs and to address your specific hearing loss, and most importantly, help you keep your “can do” spirit.