Hearing Aids Are NOT Like Glasses

How many times have you heard the comparison that hearing aids are to ears what glasses are to eyes?

There’s a stigma associated with hearing aids that doesn’t exist for glasses. While glasses have become fashion accessories, hearing aids are still anything but cool… despite being equipped with next generation features and technology.

Here’s why hearing aids are not like glasses:

  • They do not give you 20/20 hearing
  • They amplify all sounds, including those background noises that you don’t want to hear
  • They are not worn solely as a fashion accessory
  • They are not normally covered by health insurance, which makes them prohibitively expensive for a lot of people
  • They require batteries to function
  • They can increase your sensitivity to loud noises
  • They can squeal randomly
  • They cannot get wet

When you wear glasses or contacts, there’s a chance that your vision worsens because of them. The glasses do some of the work for the muscles in your eyes and your eyes can get lazy. Wearing hearing aids, however, will not worsen your hearing. Hearing aids are designed to stimulate more nerves in your ear than your natural hearing does on its own. Your brain actually works harder while wearing hearing aids than it does without them.