Have you ever noticed that people love to give a compliment when they see someone they love with a new set of eye glasses, but rarely do they give a compliment about a new set of hearing aids? In fact, a common compliment about new hearing aids is typically around how discreet they are, but there is so much more. Today let’s flip the conversation and talk about why hearing aids are cool too!

Hip colors and styles! Did you know that hearing aids come in many styles and even colors? Just like with eye glasses, today people who wear hearing aids have a range of styles they can choose from and hearing aids come in many colors – even red!

Technology, technology! Unlike eye glasses hearing aids are truly advanced devices. Today’s hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of technology that provide superior sound quality and more options for customization than ever before. Plus, yes, there is an app for that! Most modern hearing aids have a smart phone app that offers you more control and personalization.

Better hearing! Just as eye glasses improve vision, hearing aids most importantly improve your hearing. With better hearing, you can once again take part in the world around you. In fact, better hearing is the coolest part of wearing hearing aids. Conversations with friends and family are clear once again. Your confidence rebuilds and you regain many sounds you had forgotten – wind chimes blowing, the crunch of snow and a grandchild’s whispering voice.

Today’s hearing aids are so much more than discreet. They are powerful devices that improve your hearing and open up your world again. So whether you are getting a pair of hearing aids for the first time or upgrading to a new set, show them off and share why hearing aids are cool! Your excitement might be just the push a friend or family member needs to schedule their own hearing test.