Oftentimes, when we first meet with an individual, he or she has a pretty firm idea of not only what a hearing aid looks like, but also what it does. Many people think that hearing aids function only to amplify sound. In other words, hearing aids simply make sounds louder. That is one of our favorite “myths” to debunk because today’s hearing aids do much, much more than simply amplify sound to your ear.

If you are suffering from hearing loss, you know from experience that louder doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to hearing a loved one, the television or a theater performance or concert. In fact, louder volumes can often distort the sound, making it even harder for our brains to recognize. Modern hearing aid technology uses the latest in microprocessor design and audio signal processing to sharpen the sound, not just up the volume. Modern hearing aid technology is also capable of working with the brain to help recognize natural speech cues and help the brain ignore competing sounds that may distract from hearing a conversation. Wireless technology today even helps your hearing aids connect to your smart devices for even more functionality options. Modern hearing aids don’t make conversations and sounds louder, they help you hear more naturally.

Think of your hearing aid not as a smaller ear trumpet of old, but as a sophisticated communication device. Hearing aids are now designed specifically to address specific types of hearing loss. Your hearing care professional examines and tests your hearing, listens to your lifestyle needs and then helps you choose the hearing that is right for you. Follow ups and fittings help ensure the hearing aid is producing the best listening experience possible.

We invite you to make an appointment and check out for yourself what modern hearing aid technology can do for your hearing.