Hearing Aid Decorations

Getting children to wear their hearing aids can be a difficult task. So, why not try decorating them? Rather than fighting, let your kids customize their hearing aids. From tube twists to charms and safety cords, your little ones can make their devices something they’re proud to show off. Below you’ll find a list of interchangeable accessories they can add to their hearing aids.

Tube Riders: These charms clip to the tubing of BTE hearing aids. Available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, the charms are easily changeable. But they do pose a choking hazard and are not recommended for children under three. For more information, visit the tube riders website here.

Tube Twists and Charms: Designed by a young hearing aid user, Hayleigh Scott has created these unique products to inspire other children to be proud of their devices. Completely customizable, your kids can pick their favorite colors. Visit her Etsy shop here.

Security Cords: These risk-aversion devices come in every color imaginable and can include popular cartoon characters or animals on the clip portion of the cord. One end loops around the hearing aids while the other end clips to the child’s clothes. Visit their Etsy shop here.

Hearing Aid Fairy Wings: Made from thin plastic, acrylic paint and glitter, these fairy wings are custom made to fit your child’s wishes.