Hearing aids are an investment in your health and well-being. Proper care and cleaning of your hearing aids allows you to hear at your best and reduce repair needs. Cleaning varies by hearing aid since each model has unique features but, in general, there are three areas of the hearing aid that need to be cleaned regularly – the receiver, the shell and the microphone.

  • Receiver. Wax build up is especially common in this part of the hearing aid. On a daily basis, use the brush provided with your hearing aid to gently remove build up
  • Shell. This is the surface of the hearing aid and when it becomes dirty it can make wearing the hearing aid uncomfortable. Use a dry tissue or soft cloth to wipe the surface clean daily
  • Microphone. The brush provided with your hearing aid can be used to gently remove debris. Be sure to point the microphone port towards the floor so no loose debris falls into it

The three components above are delicate and brushing and wiping should be done carefully and after your hearing care professional has demonstrated the techniques. When a repair is needed, be sure to bring your hearing aid to a professional. Hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of technology and require a trained-eye for repairs.

Hearing aids, when not in use, should be stored in the case provided. This will help keep them safe and reduce dirt and dust buildup. Be sure to store them in a dry place away from excessive heat.

Finally, we encourage you to review the specific instructions for your hearing aid regularly and make care part of your daily routine. Your hearing care professional can also help you by providing a demonstration, answering questions and talking in depth about the unique needs of your hearing aids.