Today’s hearing aids are small, powerful devices, but at times certain listening environments and situations can still be difficult. Luckily, there are great hearing aid accessories that can help.

Difficult Listening Environments

First, here are some examples of situations that can still be tricky for speech recognition even with hearing aids:

  • At work – meetings big and small in size can be tricky for speech recognition. With conversations coming come from many different directions and from both near and far distances it can be difficult to follow. Phone calls including conference calls can also be hard for those with hearing loss
  • Out and about – the most common cited situation for difficult hearing are conversations at restaurants. Other environments that can be difficult can be at the theater, church or even at school
  • At home – even though the home environment is often quieter there are still some situations that can be difficult even with hearing aids. Watching television is one example. Just like at work, phone calls are difficult

Hearing Aid Accessories

Most hearing aid manufactures offer a wide range of wireless hearing aid accessories that can help you with specific difficult listening environments. For example, sleek microphones can be used in a meeting or at a noisy restaurant to transmit speech directly to your hearing aids. Streaming devices can help with hearing the television better and make phone calls clearer. Plus, today’s smart hearing aids also come with mobile apps that allow you to create settings for specific listening situations – giving you even more access and control to hear your best.

Hearing aids accessories are a great way to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Your hearing care professional can help you evaluate which accessory will help you the most, and if you have a smart hearing aid, your hearing care professional can help make sure you are using the mobile app to its fullest advantage.