“Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring-ting tingle-ing, too” We are all familiar with the opening lines of this classic holiday song, but for some people the sounds of the season are lost due to untreated hearing loss.

The stages of hearing loss are mild, moderate, severe and profound. With mild hearing loss, the sounds of a whisper and soft sounds like those from a grandchild can become difficult to hear. Often times consonant sounds like l, f, m, th and s start to disappear. People with moderate hearing loss also lose vowel sounds, and according to the Hearing Health Foundation, they are often found to say that without hearing aids they hear but can’t understand. Severe hearing loss means that without hearing aids speech is unrecognizable and profound hearing loss means that even very loud noises such as an airplane or an alarm cannot be heard without assistance.

If you have untreated hearing loss or know a loved one who does, here are some of the sounds that might be missed:

  • Bells jingling, holiday music playing
  • Grandchildren whispering in anticipation of Santa Claus
  • The oven timer sounding when cookies are done baking
  • Conversation around the table with loved ones
  • The joy of a holiday phone call with a long-distance friend
  • A favorite line from a holiday movie on television

These everyday holiday sounds are just a few examples of what might be missed when you or someone you love has untreated hearing loss.

Here are some things you can do this holiday season to improve your hearing health and recapture these seasonal sounds.

  • Call and make an appointment with an audiologist. The initial hearing screening usually takes only a short time and are important for determining how healthy your hearing is. Your audiologist will discuss next steps after this initial test
  • Schedule some quiet time with a loved one who has poor hearing health to talk about seeking help. Bringing up hearing loss during a loud, crowded family gathering is not the ideal time to discuss hearing loss.

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