Sometimes it is the job of a spouse, relative or close friend to have the talk about hearing loss with the person they care about. Today, we share some tips to help start the discussion.

While hearing loss only gets worse with time, many people still tend to ignore it for a number of reasons. It may be ignored due to pride or a sense of embarrassment. Hearing loss may be ignored because we think it will make us look old. Hearing loss may be denied also because we have misconceptions about modern hearing aid technology. Before you begin a conversation about hearing loss, first put yourself into the shoes of the other person. What might they be feeling about this change in their health? It may be good to make a list that includes, where you see their frustrations come out, what you have seen them miss out due to the hearing problem and where have you seen them withdraw from once loved activities.

Another great way to prepare for the talk about hearing loss is to be ready to address the question: well now what? Do your homework on what the next steps would be if your loved one agrees to seek help. Contact a hearing center and find out about hearing exams and the journey ahead to improve hearing health. Ask them for resources about hearing aids and read about modern hearing aid technology what it can do and how it has changed.

May is Better Hearing Month which could provide you a great excuse for setting aside time to discuss your loved one’s hearing health. Be sure to find a quiet time when you and your loved one can be alone to start the discussion. Remember the person with hearing loss may already be feeling frustrated and upset about the problem, so discuss the topic gently and know when you need to back off and talk again at another time.

Contact our hearing center if you would like more information about how to seek help for hearing loss.