As we enter the season of giving, take a minute to think about your hearing health and the greatest gift you could give yourself. 15% of adults in the U.S. report some trouble with hearing. Hearing loss is a normal part of aging. Maybe you noticed difficulty following the family conversation at Thanksgiving dinner? Maybe you feel nervous about an upcoming holiday gathering at work? Don’t let your hearing loss keep you from enjoying your friends and family this season. Now is the perfect time to meet with a hearing care professional to talk about your hearing health.

Need more reasons? Here are just a few ways better hearing can improve your quality of life:

  • Better conversations. It might be that conversation around a noisy restaurant table or a simple conversation with a grandchild is getting harder. Communicating is key to making us feel connected to our family and community. When we can hear, those connections are improved and remain intact
  • Better brain health. According to the AARP, hearing loss left untreated can accelerate age-related cognitive decline. When we can’t hear, our brain is less challenged and does not perform at its peak
  • Better mental health. Depression is common among adults with hearing loss. People who struggle with hearing often isolate themselves from social situations. When hearing aids are used, patients break out of their isolation and engage again with friends, family and co-workers

The gift of better hearing is not just about your ears. Hearing impacts our quality of life. When your hearing is improved, you are happier, more active and better able to enjoy not just this season but others to come.