Don’t lose the voices you love

“When you lose your voice, you lose a piece of who you are.” Those are the words of Vashti Ross. But they won’t be her last.

Ross, 39, has ALS, a life-threatening condition that could take her ability to speak. But thanks to voice banking, she’ll continue to communicate with her loved ones in her own voice far after she can no longer speak.

Voice banking is a system that allows patients to record their own voices as they say frequently-used phrases. When they can no longer speak, they’ll play these clips using a computer, simulating actual conversation. Ross records phrases like “I love you” and- her trademark saying- “Seriously, seriously,” so she’ll always be able to communicate and her loved ones will always be able to hear her familiar voice.

Put yourself in the shoes of one of Ross’ family members. What would it be like to no longer hear your daughter’s infectious laugh, or your sister’s favorite corny joke? That’s what hearing loss does. It robs you of some of your favorite parts of your favorite people. You lose a piece of who they are. And unlike Ross, you can’t store that conversation for later use. You wouldn’t be able to hear it. But you can still take action now. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, you can fight back. Treating your hearing loss now can help you save those precious pieces of your loved ones, before they’re gone forever.

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