Sometimes hearing loss goes untreated because we harbor certain “truths” about the condition that are in fact only myths. Today let’s debunk several hearing loss myths.

I am all alone in my hearing loss. Not true. Hearing loss affects tens of millions of people and can be a natural part of ageing. You are not alone in your condition and certainly not alone when you seek treatment. Your hearing care professional understands that treating hearing loss is a journey and will be a key part of your support network as you take charge of your hearing health.

I am not old enough to have hearing loss. Definitely not true. With the rise of noise-induced hearing loss your hearing health can suffer at any age. In an ideal world every individual would schedule a regular hearing exam as we all do for our eyes and body. Unfortunately this is typically not the case and a hearing exam takes place only when the problem has already grown worse. Change that today by talking to your doctor or hearing care professional about the right frequency of hearing exams for your age and lifestyle. Early diagnosis of a hearing health problem can be critical to treatment success.

I am the only one who notices my hearing loss. Not true. Your family and friends also notice your hearing loss and they may feel just as frustrated as you do. First, it is very common for people with hearing loss to isolate themselves, because of the struggle to communicate. This can also happen to family members. Family members can also grow frustrated with the increased difficulty of having a conversation with you or perhaps they don’t understand why you don’t seek treatment.

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