Often when we first meet with a patient, they have struggled with hearing loss for many years. They may have not wanted to admit their hearing loss due to the stigma around wearing hearing aids. That first appointment is filled with many questions and concerns. We work with each patient to help them come to terms with their hearing loss and to help them develop a plan for better hearing going forward.

Acceptance of your hearing loss is just one of the many steps you will take on your journey to better hearing. We recently came upon a great piece of advice by Shari Ebert, hearing loss advocate and blogger. She describes the steps to take to fully accept your hearing loss by using the following acronym:


A – Allow yourself time to grieve for your loss of hearing
C – Communicate to others about your hearing loss
C – Commit to yourself to plan to live life fully
E – Engage with others who have hearing loss
P – Practice hearing your best to build confidence
T – Treat your hearing loss
A – Advocate for yourself to ensure you are getting what you need to hear at your best
N – Normalize your hearing loss; don’t hide it
C – Crash through the stigma
E – Expect hiccups along the way

Remember there are people in your life that can help you come to terms with your hearing loss and offer support – your family, friends and your hearing care professional. Accepting your hearing loss is an important step that allows you to move forward, seek out help and take the actions necessary to improve your hearing and get back to enjoying the world around you.